Kitchen Countertop Chicago | Quartz

Leading trends in current kitchen countertop Chicago

Granite is a natural stone that has prevailed in the countertop industry for many years, particularly for homeowners seeking attractive, strong, and durable options.  Unfortunately, sleek granite countertops are also porous.  They can be easily stained with liquids, such as wine, water, and oil, permeate the surface. Alternatively, quartz has been introduced as a high-end alternative to granite countertops.  Quartz countertops Chicago are not porous and therefore do not require the consistent resealing that granite requires. Timeless Granite Countertops offers quartz countertops that are incredibly stain-resistant and provide homeowners in Chicago with a highly hygienic option. Additionally, quartz is a strong material, providing low maintenance, durable choice for homeowners seeking new countertops.  Currently, the matte look is quite popular, but quartz is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that mimic many natural stones.  If you are in the market for cheap quartz countertops in Chicago, look no further than Timeless Granite Countertops.


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