Bathroom Refinishing in Chicago | Metro Tile Installation

Metro bathroom refinishing in Chicago has all the skills and techniques to give your existing bathroom a face-lift. Why throw out perfectly good fixtures and finishes when there is an alternative solution? Most hard surfaces you find in a bathroom can be expertly refinished with excellent results. Take bathtubs and sinks for instance. A good refinishing job can change the color and fill in any scratches or chips. Floor and wall tiles can be resurfaced too, making them new and trendy. Cabinetry can be refinished instead of replaced. With all these options it is an easy choice to refinish items instead of costly replacement. And it is the eco-friendly way, which is an important consideration in today’s world of the three R’s. Our experienced contractors are the best in the business and can offer electrical and plumbing, carpentry, tile installation in Chicago, and other skills required to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

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